How to buy Health Insurance


How can I buy a Health Insurance?

There are basically two ways how to buy the health insurance:

Buy Health Insurance Online
All the main Health Insurance companies offer the option of purchasing the health insurance online. That is very helpful especially if you wanna buy the health insurance before your arrival in Prague. On the other hand, you must be ready to pay higher prices than what you can get in person. It may sound strange but the things are that when you are setting up an online buying system, you have to choose one price you wanna sell the health insurance for. People in health insurance offices can choose from several price options.

Also, make sure that you are only buying the health insurance from trustworthy websites. There are many scams out there!

Buy Health Insurance in person
Most people prefer buying health insurance in person since you can ask questions about the coverage, you can get everything explained in detail and you have someone to contact in case of some later on questions or problems. Buying a health insurance is (at least in our office) a matter of 30 mins.

What health Insurance company should I choose?

Well, there are many ways to answer this questions but it basically always go to two things – how much do you wanna spend on the health insurance and what coverage do you want to have. Health Insurance prices start at about 6 000 CZK a year and go up to 40 thousand CZK depending on the company and coverage you choose.

What do we offer?

We offer the two most wanted options – the cheapest possible health insurance which on the other hand still provides a reasonable coverage and fulfills all the visa requirements and a complex health care for those who really want to be covered and taken care of. This option is specifically popular among higher class people and families with young kids.

I want the cheapest health insurance option:

This insurance covers countries of the Schengen Area to the extent of necessary and urgent care. The insurance also covers the Medical care in the Czech Republic – the extent depends on the type of insurance you choose. There is a possibility to arrange a supplementary insurance for pregnant mothers or babies for a very fair price, and the insurance also works with a few private dentist clinics!

This insurance is in accordance with the law concerning foreigners in the Czech Republic,  and the total limit of coverage is EUR 80,000.

Maxima insurance is ideal for people who either need a cheap yet good insurance and for those who do not visit doctors too often.


PVZP is an insurance whose scope is identical to that of the public health care in the Czech Republic. Depending on a plan (bronze, silver or gold), you get different coverage, but all the plans provide non-stop AXA assistance! Foreigners’ Comprehensive Medical Insurance includes payment for care related to pregnancy and childbirth as well. All pVZP insurance packages comply with the Czech Law concerning expats and are accepted by the Department Migration and Asylum Policy of the Ministry of the Interior.

PVZP is an insurance you would like to purchase if you prefer high-end medical care or are in need of a constant medical support.


Types of Health Insurance


Public Health Insurance

You will contribute to (and benefit from) the public healthcare system if you are:

– Employed in the Czech Republic (applies for EU citizens and holders of Employee or Blue Cards)
– Self-employed in the Czech Republic (applies for EU citizens and a few countries which have a bilateral agreement about healthcare with the Czech Republic – i.e. USA, Japan, Turkey)

Private Health Insurance

You might need to buy a private health insurance in case:

– You are an EU citizen residing in the Czech Republic but you are not employed, nor self-employed
– You are from outside of the EU and you stay here under a “study” visa
– You are from outside of the EU and you stay here under a “family reunification” visa
– You are from outside of the EU and you stay here under a “other” visa
– You are from outside of the EU (and not from the USA, Japan, Turkey) and you stay here under a “business” visa


What are the requirements for Health Insurance in Prague?

If you need the public health insurance for your visa, you should be very careful when choosing a place to buy the health insurance. The private health insurance must meet some requirements in order to be usable for your visa application. We list the main requirements below:

– It must be a Complex Health Insurance (Emergency Care will not be accepted by the Embassy/Ministry of the Interior in most cases)
– Coverage must be at least 60 000 EUR
– Should be provided by a Czech Health Insurance company
– The agent you buy it from must be an official Health Insurance Agent registered with the Czech National Bank

Do I need a health insurance?

Do I need a health insurance?

Well, every foreigner legally residing in the Czech Republic should be covered by some form of health insurance. Both because the Immigration law says so and because it is just stupid not to have a health insurance 🙂 We have recently had a client who had been postponing buying a health insurance for months before he had an accident. By breaking his leg, he also pointed out the fact that he was breaking the law. Since the accident happened he has had several surgeries he had to pay for from his own pocket. Not a fun thing for sure.

What kind of health insurance do I need?

There are basically just two types of health insurance in the Czech Republic – private health insurance and public health insurance. Depending on where you come from and what you do in the Czech Republic, you will fall under one or the other. Let´s check both types now.