MAXIMA Complex Medical Insurance

Maxima Complex Medical Insurance is intended for people who apply for a long-term visa or a long-term residence permit. Whether you apply for a student visa, business or work visa, family reunification for yourself or children – Maxima Complex Medical Insurance is what you need!

For a very reasonable price, MAXIMA covers complex medical assistance in the Czech Republic and provides a large list of reliable doctors and medical professionals all over Czech Republic.

There is a possibility to arrange a supplementary insurance for pregnant mothers or babies for a very fair price, and the insurance also works with a few private dentist clinics!

This insurance is in accordance with the law concerning foreigners in Czech Republic,  and the total limit of coverage is EUR 80,000.

Maxima insurance is ideal for people who either need a cheap yet good insurance, and for those who do not visit doctors too often.



We can help you with arranging your medical insurance in Prague. It’s easy, fast, cheap and fun! 😄 Spend just half an hour with our friendly staff and a cup of coffee. 
Make an appointment with us here: / (+420) 776 495 655



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