PVZP Medical Insurance

PVZP is an insurance whose scope is identical to that of the public health care in the Czech Republic. Depending on a plan (bronze, silver or gold) , you get different coverege, but all the plans provide non-stop AXA assistance! 

Foreigners’ Comprehensive Medical Insurance includes payment for care related to pregnancy and childbirth as well.  All pVZP insurance packages comply with the Czech Law concerning expats and
are accepted by the Department Migration and Asylum Policy of the Ministry of the Interior. Pvzp also includes payment for medicines and medial devices prescribed by a physician and the price for the acute dental care.

”NEWBORN BABY“ SUPPLEMENTARY PACKAGE –  includes the payment of costs incurred in the event of post-natal care for the insured mother’s newborn baby.

Pvzp offers different packages and deals depending on the type of care you require.

PVZP is an insurance you would like to purchase if you prefer high-end medical care or are in need of a constant medical support.

We can help you with arranging your medical insurance in Prague. It’s easy, fast, cheap and fun! 😄 Spend just half an hour with our friendly staff and a cup of coffee. 
Make an appointment with us here:
info@movetoprague.com / (+420) 776 495 655


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